Clearly she wears those short skirts and skimpy tank tops because she wants the d. and by d I mean vitamin d. she wants to soak up as much sun as she can. because revealing clothes are not an invitation for sex u prick

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plot twist: you scream to your mom who’s in her room to come to the table because you already made the dinner

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We’ve officially reached that annoying time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday you die from a heatstroke.

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The sky when it snows is absolutely perfect. It can be 1 o’clock in the morning and bright outside. The silence of everything when it snows is beautiful. You can barely hear a sound when the snow covers everything. Just watching the snow fall and stick to the ground is beautiful. Yeah I guess it sucks that it’s cold and you have to shovel it out, but coming in from the cold and putting on warm clothes, sitting in the heat, and drinking hot chocolate is so relaxing. I miss the snow so much.


i want a video of all the tries it took to make this

i want a video of the second right after this shot was taken
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honestly life is 2 short for shitty friends and doing things u dont wanna do nd people telling u ur not good enough and all these what ifs and possibilities that u will fail like pls hav a go who cares what people think. i believe in u 

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This gif has increased my level of happiness exponentially. The more I watch it, the happier I get.